Thursday, July 21, 2011

- if America was on the Earth's Moon why there is no democracy there?
- because they haven't founded oil there!
Yesterday, on 20th of July, first humans landed on Moon, this flight was carried by the United States. Sounds like an epic event, which definitely should be remembered for centuaries, however this is not the case. The US media keeps silence on this event, and this vacuity remains a handicap in the debates over feasibility of the US flight on Moon, for those who are certain that the US flight was hoax, this is an extra pretext to say once again that there was no landing on Moon. Really, that's weird, why one of the greatest opportunity to remind the world about the US science merits has been forgotten? Why Corporation of Kindness doesn't want to tell us about it? Whether it sounds so contrived that they don't want to remind about it and hope that people will just forget about this? What could see on the Google for instance in that day:

This is the birthday of Gregor Mendel who has discovered inheritance laws, well of course I'm quite certain that it was very important discovery and greatly contributed in the World's science. But this is more imporant for the Citadel of Democracy rather than their landing on Moon? You gotta be kidding! If we recall the 12th of April, the day when the first human - Yury Gagarin flew in space, we have seen this special logo:

Everyone remember the Soviet ahcievement, and British are going to build a monument of Gagarin in London, whereas nobody even remembered Armstrong yesterday. Why the US doesn't want people to discuss it? They afraid that the truth will be revealed once again, the turth that this flight in fact has been shooted in Hollywood? So this is the truth? I don't get it.

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