Saturday, August 13, 2011

50th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall

Berlin wall is considered as the symbol of the Cold War and the destruction of it as a symbol of German reunification, however, as always all problems of separated Germany was pinned on the Soviet Union. According to the Western point, ''bloody communist regime'' was responsible for all this. And traditionally idiots believe in it because imbicilic mind cannot analize anything, gullible imbicils are not capable to study anything, therefore they blindly follow the media ''opinion'' and pin faith on propaganda materials.

An imbecilic inchworm is pretty sure that it was bloody red regime who fractioned Germany while noble westerns sincerly fought for dear life to keep Germany united and free. Of course imbicile has never heard about Morgenthau plan proposed by the United States scarcerly Americans landed in Normandy. According to this plan, Germany should have been fractioned on 3 parts (2 parts from the Western side) and full deindustrialization of Germany.  Mark you, that not communists proposed it no, but Western Allies. How come? That's the riddle and beyond any understanding of an imbicile. This plan was only partly implimented mainly due to the uprisings of workers in Italy, France and Greece when capitalistic leaders understood that if they don't assume any measures, the whole continental Europe will become communistic. In this case separation of the Western part on other two parts and full deindustrialization of Germany seemed to be pretty insane idea because in this case, the Eastern part of Germany would have match better quality of life what will inevitably cause riots in the Western parts of Germany. Therefore  initiated Marshall Plan, giving loans to the European countries to rebuild manufactore there.

The original of  Morgenthau Plan signed by Roosvelt:

''So this plan wasn't implimented!'' will cry an idiot in enthusiasm. Well, partly it was implimented, I wrote above why it has been a bit different than initially planned. And here goes another fact which can't be refuted by an idiot. The West Germany was proclaimed independent on 23th of May 1949, while the East Germany only 5 months after. So the Western Allies were the first who made an approving gesture of German separation. Second, as we can see on the April 4th 1949 was formated NATO which launched the Cold War just a month before the Western Germany independency was proclaimed, while the Soviet Union responded with the same organization (Warsaw Pact) only on the 14th of May 1955, six years later.

And now here goes the third fact, as it is well known, Berlin has been taken by the Soviet troops, Battle for German capital heralded the end of the German Reich, the Soviet banner above Reichstag was a symbol of the Nazi defeat. And of course after the negotiatians with Germany about its surrendering started, Allies were allowed by the Soviet troops to enter Berlin. Berlin was devided on 4 zones (French, American, Brithsh and Soviet), but after all treaties were signed by Germans, Allies didn't withdrew their troops from the West Berlin. Why? Simple, because in this case the historical capital of Germany would be fully on the Eastern side and proclamation of the Western Germany independence would sound preposterous. Allies were well awared of that. 

So who is responsible for the German separation? The Soviet Union? Nonsense, the Wall was built 12 years after the Westerns proclaimed Western Germany. Germany was already fractioned, while the wall was installed for quite obvious reasons, the Western Berlin was kind of an anclave in Eastern Germany which was full of the western secret service communication facilities (it was Cold War if you forgot, which was launched by the West in 1949). Unfortunately for idiots, the collection of facts says all that, and stupid imbeciles have to admit these facts if they want to change their rank ''imbecile'' on ''dumbass'' at least.

All this doesn't mean I'm in favour of Germany being fractioned or something, I actually really happy that the German folk finally was reunited. I just want to say and prove that it was not the USSR who initiated all this, I completely understand the West who has its interests and of course needs some whipping boy who they can blame in all things, but I'm sorry guys, your propaganda works only on idiots, normal people can check everything, thankfully it's not top secret or something and see the reality which is completely different.


Oh yes I completely forgot, here are some examples of nowadays walls:

The US-Mexico fence:

3 141 kilometers wall on the border between the US and Mexico, continues to build. The building started in on September 2006.

The US-Mexico wall

This picture shows the scale of extension of the wall
What a pity, the United States divided poor Mexicans with their relatives, is it fair? I don't think so, millions of Mexicans lives in California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and so on, they all now can't see their relatives because democracy thinks that they some dirty refugees.

The wall in Nicosia, Cyprus:

Divides the capital of Cyprus on two parts.

Guarded by the Democratic forces of the UNO
Israel-Palestine wall:

703 kilometers wall, was established after 1994. Divided thousands of Palestinians with their relatives.

Looks even more mean than the Berlin wall
So why nobody condemns these walls which are currently exist? Oh sorry I forgot that it is democratic walls, the walls of kind and honest Westerns which can't be even matched with the Berlin Wall built by the wild Russkies. Evidently these walls can't even be compared with the walls that communists build.

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