Saturday, August 27, 2011

Movies and their profound effect

You think movies don't influence people's on subconsciousness? And don't contain any propaganda delivery? Ha! Take a primitive at first glance film Rambo for instance. American POWs captured in Vietnam. Of course nobody even mentiones that Vietnam is on the other side of the glob, consiquently the obvious question arises as to ''what the fuck are you doing there?''. No, no who cares about such minor and dull things? The main idea conveying is that Americans languish in communistic captivity!!!

Naturally Vietnamese presented as creepy ghouls who only reproduce oneselfes and sometimes torture poor and innocent American prisoners. And who helps them to commit atrocities? Two meters height brutal thugs - Russians, who else it could be? But thank God, America has Rambo. Rambo comes in time, rescues prisoners, kills Vietnamese and Russians. Triumph of justice, democracy and free world. Wooohooo!

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