Monday, September 26, 2011

About pacts

Westerners particulary Latvia, Estonia, Poland, France and UK like to remember Molotov-Ribbentrop pact sometimes even trying to pin the guilt of Nazi Germany on the USSR. However, like it always was they prefer to keep silence about exactly the same pacs which they concluded with Nazi Germany long before the USSR did it. It is always unpleasant for them to recall it but you can't dodge the historical facts, likewise it's impossible to escape from the truth. Of course they try to claim that these pacts were not the same thing, and of course they try to hint that democratic pacts are a far cry from communist pacts. But unfortunately for them that doesn't sound earnestly. And we can't omit the fact that the USSR was actually the last country who made exactly the same agreement having basically no choice after others simply decided to step away and not hinder Nazis to pursue their goals, but that's not actually that important. The important thing is that Molotov-Ribbentrop pact wasn't something special, it wasn't some kind of a travesty or a treacherous move. It was an ordinary agreement of that time, when everyone was concluding such treaties, and futile attempts of the West to convey it as something unusual, something that even cound spark the whole world war sound ridiculously dubious or it would be more correct to say, simply delirious. They have to face it and admit that in this time all countries had pacts with each other, including with Nazi Germany, and bringing Molotov-Ribbentrop into the focal point of the historical research yet avoiding the discussion of the same pacts of the other countries is purely political move which has nothing to do with real scientific analizying. 

1934 - German-Polish Non-Agression pact, signed on January 26

1938 - Munich Agreement, signed on September 29

1939 - German-Latvian/German-Estonian  Non-Agression pact, signed on June 7

1939 - German-Soviet Non-Agression pact, signed on August 23

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye.

The Bible, New Testament
 (Matthew 7:3)


  1. Are you seriously? And please : NEVER EVER
    quoted from the Bible!!! You communists! You
    are the most evil on this planet!!! Разбираш ли ме ?
    Надявам се ! МРАЗИМ ВИ !

    1. First of all I will quote whatever I want, so you may cram your ''never ever'' up to your arse. Secondly if you have nothing to oppose against written above (surely u don't since it's impossible to refute the facts) go and cry into the pillow instead of spamming your shitty messages here. Understood?

  2. Well, maybe it's just me, but i can't really recall that those pacts had additions like plans of territorial and political rearrangements of European nations. Ribbentrop-Molotov non-aggression pact was in reality something much worse because of this (secret additions).
    I can't also recall if France or England violated their other non-aggression pacts and invaded other countries, like for sake Russia did with Poland.
    Sure we're not saint. But saying "we're not so bad" because you did it as well (even if it is only partially true) is not so honest to me. Nor it's not so smart as well.
    We all have some black pages in our history. We can stay silent, but ffs don't try to paint them white!

    1. In Polish pact it was also agreed that Poland will provide the pass through their territory to Germans in case of the ''Soviet threat''. Also there is another significant moment, Poland could get allied with Germany between 1938-1939, however negotiatians faced a stale-mate, because Germany refused to gurantee that Ukraine will be ceded to Poland.

      As for the Munich agreement, Czech was sold out. USSR pledged to help but failed because of that agreement. And Hungary with Poland also participated in the Czech partition. France and England violated gurantees they were giving to Czech. Surely they didn't invade anyone because the former was invaded by Germans, the latter didn't have enough ground troops to invade anyone, besides there was no need for them to do it.

      Painting them white? I do not paint them white. I simply show that all these ''agreements'' were nothing more but political games. After non-agression pact between USSR and Germany, USSR promptly started negotiatians with Britain on making an alliance. It's a fact. USSR also had a pact with France, and USSR was fighting against the Nazis in Spain in 1938. So making USSR as someone exceptional is wrong.