Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Warning: if you are a sane Pole who corresponds to one (or several) of the listed below options, don't read that text cos it has been written not for you.

a) you don't give a fuck on politics
b) you don't conduct oneself in a manner of rusophobic geek
c) you don't put historical background in an attitude to some country

Every time when people in Poland hear the word ''Russia'' many of them promptly turn in the bulls who has seen a red rag. And it's irrelevant that it's not related with politics, they will find any pretext to politisize any event where Poland and Russia are involved. Russian team has never been a ''football grand'', it always has been a decent team with average skill, nothing special, quite far from Brazil, Germany or Italy. But for uptight Poles it's not important, even such harmful event wakes up their deep Russia complex. And they will start to come up with fairytales about dressed as fans Putin's FSB agents coming to Poland to invade it, they will emphasize on their own historical inferiority complex towards Russia and so on. Or they will say that Russians ''provoke'' them because of the march. Yes sure, however not a single Pole can answer one single question, how the hell Russians had to get to the stadium without that march? Polish ultras were attacking Russian tourists even before Euro, everyone felt not safe and march kept all Russians together and since Polish police couldn't sustain sufficient security, Russians had to stand for themselves and they did it. Without that march, I'm afraid Russians would have to infiltrate to the stadium like professional partizans and not all would manage to do that.

Polish people don't understand that for average Russian, Poland is nothing, it is simply nothing - the void, blank space nothing more. Majority of Russians don't even know the name of the Polish president and never knew the name of the previous one before his crash. Majority of Russians don't have the foggiest idea who is Donald Tusk and why he is called as ''Moscow agent''. For the Russians - Poland is a usual country out of many others. The countries are from the different leagues, and all Polish efforts to represent everything like a ''rival'' between Russia and Poland are pointless, cos that rival is in the Polish heads only. Like one my German neigbour correctly said ''it's not Ukraine should be boycotted, it is Poland should be, because they still live in medieval ages and WWII''. Once upon a time, I've seen how Dachshund was barking on a Great Dane. It was very silly picture, because Great Dane didn't even pay attention on that bark and continued to walk and enjoy the weather. The dog barks but the caravan goes on. If Poland loves to be that Dachshund, well whatever. If Poles enjoy looking like clowns it's their right. Just don't cry plz as u always do, but don't cry like little kids who were defeated by a grandpa in chess every time when u realized that you screwed up and humiliated once again because of your stupidity. 

This politization resulted clashes between Russian fans and Polish ultras. Where they were attacking people who came with their wifes and children to enjoy Euro, yes they got decent repulse but that's going to entail serious consiquences in future. I do not say that all Poles are idiots, however their media and some part of the society who loves such media have created increasingly volatile and dangerous situation, they allowed the myths be spoon-fed to the society and society didn't choke, they didn't try to spit it, they've swallowed it with pleasure. The outcome is known. Now what? Well now Russian ultras threat to show the same hospitality to Poles. To the Polish football team: for the sake of the safety of Polish citizens I suggest you not to qualify on the World Cup 2018. And no, the author of these lines is not an idiot who is going to participate in mauling innocent Polish supporters, but believe me we have enough fans as well and they are much more numerous than in Poland and they have boiled blood and they will vent beating these Poles.  But that's not the end, there is also Olympic games in Russia in 2014... You wanted it, you started it you will get it. And because of such bastards like you, your own people who has nothing to do neither with policy, nor with ultras will suffer. Instead of ''Na Moskala'' u will get another Katyn and again ''evil'' Russians will be a reason of you being loosers, again you will cry like kids that you were ''unfairly'' beaten. Enjoy.

PS Thanks to all Croatians and Serbs for warm comments to the youtube videos with clashes. I don't believe in pan-slavism, but reading you I can really say that you are real Slavic brothers. 


  1. Why so serious? I'd say majority of Poles does not care much about this. I'am sorry, but that's the reality i live in. I think that this kind of stereotypes are easily abused by some conservative politics, but that's all.
    Sure, we might know and remember history bit better than average Russian (just a guess). This comes also from the fact that we were heavily historically experienced by the Russians. So yes, we might have some jokes or some proverbs, but we don't give a fuck about this. It's nothing emotional.
    Know the pareto principle? It's the minority who scream loudest, it's the minority who attacked those Russians. Really small minority i have to add. Why so serious about them? I believe that there is the same level of anti-Poland aggression in Russia between Russian ultras and other minorities.
    If we would be all so serious about those stereotypes and anti-Russian emotions, wouldn't we try something really serious against you? You know, it wouldn't be the first time when we try to stand against someone much stronger ;-)
    People are different. We came from different houses, we gather different experience, we grow up in different neighborhoods. All this counts. There will be always such minorities. Just ignore them. Don't escalate.

    1. Well you see, if it would be just ultras I would not pay any attention to it. The problem was that before Euro Polish media was was writing idiotic articles that Russians are going to invade Poland. Later I have encountered several articles that football match between Russia and Poland will be a Polish revenge for Smolensk. After the match Poland accused Russia via UEFA of the Russian banner with a Russian medieval knight saying that it was Pozharsky. All this basically made Polish ultras to facilitate their activity. There could be some clashes anyway, however not so massive if Poland particulary the media stop to politicize everything related with Russia pumping up anti-Russian public mood things would be different.

      Understand me correct, I have nothing against Poles. My feelings about Poland are strictly neutral. I simply described what I've seen before and during that Euro and pointed out that it is going to entail serious consequences in the nearest future. Because Russia has also plenty of morons and now have a pretext to attack innocent Polish fans who will come to Russia in 2014 and 2018. And again in the eyes of Poles we will be evil doers.