Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mass Effect 3

Yesterday I have beaten Mass Effect 3. I'm going to start my short review from the end because ending of the game became a subject of debates promptly after the release. I deliberately didn't read any spoilers about it and wanted to see the punch line on my own. Frankly I don't understand what was all this tremendous outcry about, the ending was sufficiently logical and didn't have any signs of frustration, perhaps I don't understand some fanboy logic but seriously why the hell many people didn't like it? What's wrong with it? It was not expectable? Actually it was, because it was obvious since the beginning that the Reapers are not just some kind of regular ''Mordor'' chaps whose aim was solely annihilation and destruction. The outcries probably didn't follow the story line enough thoughtfully, and didn't notice one simple thing: if the reapers would be just some kind of orcs who simply wanted to level all planets with organic life forms they would terminate not only Protheans but Humans, Asari, Turians, Salarians, Batharians, Quarians and others as well, but they kept them alive, haven anyone of you outcriers thought why so? It was evident that they were intentionally destroying only developed civilizations to let others to evolve. So what's the problem? 

As I presume the problem is that the ending was not exactly ''happy'' and u didn't face harbinger as a final boss? You wanted so trivial outcome? Poof-poof - kill the final boss and voila happy end? Wanna puppies and sunshine only? Go and play Mario then or watch love stories from Hollywood, such games are simply not for you. And they now dream about ''changing the ending'' omg, that's ridiculous. Whether u like the ending or not but the quality of it is a moot point therefore u have no rights to demand any amendments in the ending. 

Thus I don't have any problems with the ending, it was fine. Speaking about real drawbacks of the game I want to say that Mass Effect 3 has quite poor squadmates this time, yes I remember that developers said that it's going to have less squadmates but they are going to have deeper stories. Well it's really true, however the choice was really limited. The only interesting squadmate was Javik, the rest of the team were old characters from Mass Effect 1 and 2 parts. Nothing new. Ah yes James Vega also, but he is too peculiar doesn't even worth to describe him. Remembering Mass Effect 2 where I was always having a tough choice between 7-8 characters to take on the mission, here I was taking Javik and Garrus only, because the rest squadmates were damn boring. I wonder why they didn't add some more new characters? Why not add some character from other races which have never been in Shepard's team like Batharian or Vorcha? Anyway I hope that in the next part there will be no such problem. What I liked about the teamates was that they started to interact with each other on the ship, they rather frequently change their locations on the ship entering the conversations with each other and it's quite interesting to listen their talks and observe the chemistry between the squadmates. Especially I loved how Javik was trolling James about the Prothean jokes. 

As the second part, this one provides broad spectrum of weapon types and it is pretty easy to access to any of them except for the spectre gear which costs quite expensive. The gameplay basically hasn't changed since the second part and I think it was a right decision to keep it like that cos so far it's flawless. Traveling map is the same however the is a slight changing, now we don't need to buy drones and scan the planets for resources which we previously needed for the uprgaids. Now we simply can scan some areas and find any artifacts or some extra military support to add to our anti-Reapers coalition, in other words that part of the game has been simplified. 

In general, the game is outstanding and definitely is one of the best games in the moder gaming industry. In spite it hasn't overcome the second part it still has the same stunning atmosphere, charismatic characters, catching story lines and eloquent conversations. I hope the developers will manage to come up with something fancy in the Mass Effect 4 that's going to be a difficult task because now they need to make everything from the scratch since this trilogy saga is ended. Shepard is dead, Cerberus no longer exists, the Reapers defeated, and new story line should be something really brand new, not rehashed previous saga. I also still hope that they will make some DLC with some extra squadmate, remembering Mass Effect 2, there were two DLC squadmates, so there is a little hope. And yes, dear Bioware please don't heed those whiny freaks who rant about the ending. There is nothing bad in it. And while the fourth part is under consideration, it's time to play the whole saga from the first part again! 

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